Muskara Neroli


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Year launched: 2020
Collection: Muskara

    Main Olfactory Family: Floral

    Secondary Olfactory Family: Musk

    Perfume Chord:

    Tonic note: Neroli
    Dominant note: Muskara Phero J.

    An embodiment of the well-kept secret of desire. An elixir that connects the contemporary concept of a fragrance with ancient instincts and ancestry. Unique blend of the plants from Amazon region and distilled fragrant molecules create an olfactory mask, an “anti-perfume” with a possessing ability to interact with the natural smell of the wearer, building a path for the whole collection. 

    欲望の隠された秘密の化身。香りの現代的なコンセプトと古代的な本能や先祖とをつなげるエリクサ ー。アマゾン地域の植物と抽出された芳香分子の独特なブレンドは嗅覚のマスクを生み出し、着用者の 自然な香りとお互いに作用し合う能力をもつ「アンチ・パフューム」となり、すべてのコレクションへの道をつくる。