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Year launched : 2022

Collection : Destinos

Main Olfactory Family : Floral

Secondary Olfactory Family : Aromatic

Perfume Chord :
Tonic note : Manzanilla de Mahón
Dominant note : Jazmín del País
Sub Dominant : Romero

ALMA is a perfume inspired by youth, raw beauty and the joy of a young summer. Expressing solar and mineral notes, which for me represent the energy of the place.
I’ve select a blend of fragile ingredients, distilling only the top notes of Jazmín del País, which are transparent and watery, local Chamomiles (Santolina) and Romero rastrero, a particular variety from the island, provides the agrestic, aromatic notes.

Alma は青春にインスピレーションを受けている。ありのままの美しさと夏の喜び。その場所にあるエネルギーを太陽とミネラルで表している。

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