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アグア マグノリアーナ



Agua Magnoliana - Sample

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Year launched : 2010

Collection : Linneo

Main Olfactory Family : Floral

Secondary Olfactory Family : Citric

Perfume Chord :
Tonic note : Magnolia
Dominant note : Jasmine
Sub Dominant : Sandalwood

Deep in the Amazon, a gigantic tree grows. Magnolia Fragantissima is known as the guardian of the rainforest. Its delicate floral fragrance is the Agua Magnoliana. 

アマゾンの奥深くにそびえ立つ巨木。それは熱帯雨林の守り神と呼ばれているMagnolia Fragantissima(タイサンボク)。Agua Magnolianaが物語るのは、その繊細なフローラルフレグランス。

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